Our Wedding Date: August 10, 2013

Gift Registry

  • We are truly grateful for your presence in our lives, and the effort you will be making to come to our wedding.  This ceremony is really about you all accepting us on our path together, and committing to supporting us together for the rest of our lives.  The support you all have, and continue to bestow upon us is a gift beyond measure.  We cannot overemphasize our gratitude for you all.


    This celebration is a destination wedding.  We are aware of the fact that attending will require a significant amount of time and money.    Please do not feel like you need to buy us a gift.  We do acknowledge and respect the gift giving tradition, but we will not be creating a gift registry.  If it is important to you to bring a gift, that is wonderful!  In no way do we want to diminish the gesture of gift giving.  We are grateful!